ned lamont v. joe lieberman (& alan schlesinger?)

September 8, 2006

i am going to closely watch the developments in the ongoing race for the senate seat in CT on my blog. the coverage in both traditional and online media has been heavy and extremely fierce.

lamont’s campaign message has been widely spread in part due to the “blogosphere” and lieberman’s camp is starting to catch on.

for example, just today an anti-lamont blog posted a doctored photo of osama bin laden wearing a ned lamont sticker. it was promptly taken down. read about it here.


3 Responses to “ned lamont v. joe lieberman (& alan schlesinger?)”

  1. Great choice for a topic, Georgia. I’ve been following this race for months. It’s one of the most interesting elections this cycle. Will keep an eye on your blog, and pass along anything relevant and interesting I stumble on.

  2. Concur with Sir Safford. Would love to see you delve in a bit as to Lamont’s past as I know little about the dude save for his “I’m-Not-Joe-I’m-Anti-Iraq-War” stance.

  3. Isn’t he a multi-millionare?

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