more journalists on govt. payroll

September 11, 2006

sad, sad, sad…democracy now! reports today that at least 10 Florida based journalists have been accepting money from the U.S. government. scroll to the bottom of the page for the short report.


2 Responses to “more journalists on govt. payroll”

  1. Heather said

    I thought this story was pretty amazing. How’s that for a journalistic ethics issue?

    Our government beams anti-Castro news into Cuba? We knew something was wrong in Florida in 2000, but this is pretty extreme.

    For another chilling story on US planting propaganda in international news, check out this BBC piece:

    Who says there are no good jobs for journalists out there?

  2. I’m not sure I see a problem with the government beaming news into countries w/o a free press. For instance, Radio Free Europe was a much needed source of information for those stuck behind the Iron curtain.

    The problem comes when the news being beamed in innacurate and not objective. The government should not be planting stories, paying journalists to write stories, etc. and the journalists involved should know better.

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