yet again…

September 22, 2006

in today’s New York Times there is another article dealing with shareholders and their stakes in media companies. This article is specifically about The Tribune Company and it’s decision to consider its sale. and who will benefit?! not us, but instead The Chandler Family, whoever they are (i can’t find a website for them). Why can’t they be like the widow in Deadline U.S.A., the movie we watched in class with Dean Shepard!? She was concerned with the product and with the public that required it.
check it here.


One Response to “yet again…”

  1. joy b said

    Here’s a recent article on the Chandler family dynasty. Perhaps your next movie should be “Citizen Kane” [although that’s Wm R. Hearst in Rosebud-loving disguise].,1,4110586.story?coll=la-editions-valley

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