lamont and lieberman…online and off

September 28, 2006

the way the CT democratic primary race was covered in various media formats has created quite the buzz about new media, blogging and the internet. ned lamont, running a progressive, anti-war campaign had to his benefit many believers who started blogs and effetively mobilized voters as well as online media proponents. check this link for an example of how blogs helped ned.

lieberman, on the other hand did not have the same kind of grassroots activism behind him. his campaign suffered and has still not been able to harness the online energy in the same way.

both candidates have blogs on their websites, but only ned’s is run by champion blogger and netroots aficionado, tim tagaris.

the difference between blog and online coverage and traditional media coverage of this campaign is clear. traditional media tries to cover both candidates and takes no preference while most of the blogs are either pro ned or pro joe. check this article from the times and this one too for examples of traditional coverage.

anti joe/pro lamont blogs: spazeboy, myleftnutmeg, connecticutblog, lamontblog.
anti lamont/pro joe blogs: liebermania, lieberdem, vicious-poodle, bullmooseblogger.

interestingly, many of the pro joe blogs are more about moderate dems in general…

CORRECTION: Spazeboy posted a comment, correcting me on the content on liebermania. it is a satirical pro-lieberman blog.


6 Responses to “lamont and lieberman…online and off”

  1. spazeboy said

    I’m reasonably certain that Liebermania is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical blog. I don’t think that anyone making a case for Lieberman would proudly display links to endorsers like Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.

  2. fiercetalk said

    thanks spazeboy, for the clarification. this is what blogging is all about, fact checking by the readers (and/or subjects).

  3. Zalecenia said

    to hassle, bother, worry, trouble. As a noun, hackling. Shaastra you know? (1)

  4. fiercetalk said

    zalecenia…who are you? it’s a bum link!

  5. Sorry said

    Hey, My sincere apologies to all those whom I spammed. Wont do it in future. This is the last spam.

  6. Did you catch the latest poll numbers? Leiberman is now up by 10 percentage points, give or take, on Lamont.

    If this holds up, it looks like a repeat of teh Dean situation. All the blogging in the world isn’t (yet) able to win you an election against a heavily moneyed (though Lamont isn’t lacking in cash,)well entrenched foe.

    Here’s the link:

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