is this thing on? and, what’s it for?

October 1, 2006

ok, so the question of “why do i have this blog” needs to be addressed. i started a blog this past summer but never wrote anything for it…never posted anything, all i did was name it. why did i do that? well, i was interested of course. i wanted to understand the bru-ha-ha…be a part of the future of communications, etc. not till i got to school though, was i required to dive, head first, into the vast and limitless place of the blogosphere. but, i’m here now and here to stay. i am even going to start another blog soon for the neighborhood of east williamsburg, brooklyn. i am going to post stories i write for craft class and hand out fliers in the neighborhood alerting people to the site totally devoted to them…they can comment on what i write and send suggestions for other stories. i am looking forward to this, what jeff jarvis and others call “the conversation.” yesssss…

what is fiercetalk about?? as my broad and all encompassing title suggests, it’s for commentary and enlightenment on “anything and everything.” i purposely made fiercetalk a non-specific blog…because i knew there would be no clear direction until i worked on it for awihle. it’s main function is to serve as a meeting place for myself, my classmates and my professors, jeff and sandeep. discussions about the future of media and journalism as well as class projects appear on fiercetalk. some personal blogs appear too. not personal in that they are about me as an individual, but personal in that the subjects have been chosen by me, because they interest me.

being from CT i am very interested in the race for the senate seat…i have chosen to cover this issue on my blog…the topic is coverage in different media forms… new (blogs) v. traditional (newspaper articles).

it’s great to have these class blogs. i have so much fun reading what other people think about class discussions, etc. this is why i think these blogs should be solely devoted to class topics. start a new blog for other doodlings, serious or frivolous. there’s space on the net!


One Response to “is this thing on? and, what’s it for?”

  1. Tim Catts said

    Re writing stories and posting them on your blog, maybe you should get together with some other kids covering your nabe (or ones nearby) and pool your efforts. Just a thought…

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