example of what journalism is for…

October 2, 2006

today’s nytimes has an article by charlie leduff, part of his american album series. the story he tells is so poignant and the subjects trust him to no end, it’s amazing. i hope to one day have people share with me what matters to them most, and trust that i will tell it how it is. the article is well written and there is also a link to a video made for the story. the addition of the video is necessary, we see the context from which the quotes were taken for the article and also the faces and the long pauses that the subjects took before speaking. this is a great example of excellent journalism; telling the stories of others unknown and also relating them to real life, large scale issues.


3 Responses to “example of what journalism is for…”

  1. that was the same thing i thought when i read this article. it was written with such honesty and with such conviction. plus the details seemed so personal…quality shit.

  2. fiercetalk said

    yes, beardednews. yes.

  3. So, hope you have purchased the definitive Charlie collection WORK AND OTHER SINS.

    CLeD got dinged for plagarism a few years ago. I forgive him because he’s damn good when not pilfering; and he’s freaking hot.

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