jay rosen knows (and works) the fiercetalk

October 27, 2006

if this isn’t an awesome statement, then i don’t know what is:

“…at a time of upheaval and shift, to be in the beginning of something is to have a privileged seat at the table of freedom.”

spoken like a true communicator. jay rosen, the renowned media theorist/critic/educator spoke to the CUNY grad. school of journalism’s inaugural class on thursday. his visit was inspiring, shocking and informative.

i have been a fan on rosen’s since my undergrad days at hampshire college. i studied his work closely (as it was related to my focus on media studies and “infotainment”) and was particularly interested in “public journalism.” his new project, newassignment.net, has a premise that is similar to that of public journalism. get the people/readers/consumers involved in the production of news, make them want it and care about it. newassignment.net is for the future, that’s the twist. it lives on the internet, and will help journalists get paid online.

i hope that rosen’s project exceeds all expectations. the idea puts the power in the hands of the public, which in this day and age is seemingly what the masses want. choice! i’m glad that rosen has such a vision though, the role of the editor and of course the “director of participation, ” as he refers to it, will help with quality control. the idea of Pro-Am (professionals and amateurs) is brilliant, but there must be some oversight.

open-source reporting….gather the experts, the everyday folk, the volunteers…give them tasks, create what others haven’t created before…then “you’re cooking.”


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  1. […] I’m upset at some of my classmate’s overzealous support of this project. Other’s are rightfully and constructively skeptical. Leave the belligerent grumbling and incoherent gut-answers to me. […]

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