Editing an Issue at The Times?

December 10, 2006

Today’s Week in Review section of The New York Times features a good story by Adam Nagourney on whether Americans are ready for an African-American or female president. Too bad the copy editors slipped up: the sixth paragraph reads “Over the past of the past eight years…” Now, i’m very forgiving usually, but come on. This is one of the most looked forward to sections of the week and is written by one of The Times’ best.

Perhaps the editors are stretched too thin? I’m sure they are, and it’s very sad. The reporting from The Times is top notch, and they are creating new posts for reporters in Spain among other places, according to Jill Abramson at a meeting of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on Thursday night. But good reporting looks sloppy without good editing.

Some may say i’m going a little overboard here, but i’m just pointing out that even The Times is feeling the heat of economic pressure.

If I were Nagourney i’d be upset.


5 Responses to “Editing an Issue at The Times?”

  1. kenjac84 said

    Hoho! If only it stopped there! Take a hard look at Frank Rich’s column this week and you’ll see a head-scratching error too. He apparently had a list, but point a) was left out.

    Maybe they had the annual Kegger In Review Friday night and thumbed their noses at working the rest of the year.

    Whatever the case, for the paper of record, it’s a fucking embarassment.

  2. fiercetalk said

    If it were the result of a kegger, i wish they’d just tell me! forgiveness all around…

  3. These errors are more frequent than many would imagine. i think it’s just a pitfall of publishing 1000s of words of content every day. sometimes, shit falls through the cracks.

    i’d be more concerned about errors in the Times that have to do with phantom WMDs that lead to disastrous wars, not pablum like typos.

    Web burn!!!

  4. fiercetalk said

    I agree that there are bigger issues than typos, for sure. still, excuses, most of the time, don’t suffice.

  5. Reverend Manny said

    NYTimes is pretty damn good, but people think too highly of them. The Daily News is 30 good writers and a different managerial philosophy away from putting out way better stuff than the times.

    Definitely agree with the WMD asessment above and would simply add the pussilanimous stance these limp-wristed bastards have taken when it comes to thousands of abuses and crimes committed by those they are afraid to jostle. America’s in a scarier place, power-wise than ppl think.

    And all that good will people had towards us as foes of stalinism, a good will which wasn’t exactly universal before either, has been wasted by these spoiled profligate nins that run our country. Lord save us from the morons and the pu*^&es too scared to say the ppl in charge are morons.

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