person of the year! you? no…

December 26, 2006

I am not the person of the year, as Time Magazine so cleverly suggested. And neither are you. How could anyone be THE absolute person? Maybe my cat considers me the person of the year, and maybe my dad considers my mom the person of the year. It’s subjective. How could a definitive list be put together, especially in the age of internet individualism and never ending choice!? That being said, here’s my list…

(Keep in mind this is seriousness mixed with fluff.)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: for obvious reasons. He’s a hero and a frightening foe, all the while looking sort of like a J.Crew model. (he was also Time’s first pick…)

Angelina Jolie: for being the most popular and talked about person on the planet…for no good reason.

Bob Dylan: for still kickin’ out the jams. Everyone should take a hint.

Hillary Clinton: she’s not my favorite, but the woman kicks some serious butt.

Jeff Jarvis: for innovation and bright ideas about news in the blogosphere.

YouTube: not a person…but certainly a revolutionary force in global culture.

Al Gore: for moving the all-important show off the road and onto the big screen. and scaring the shit out of everybody.


5 Responses to “person of the year! you? no…”

  1. kenjac84 said

    I support the Dylan assessment, but have to disagree with just about everything else – especially the wink to Jarvis. Kissing up after the semester is over?! C’mon Georgia! Has he done our grades yet?

  2. fiercetalk said

    just to clarify: these are not my heroes. i don’t think of most on this list as people others should look up to. but i do think they have made a mark this year…on culture, information dissemination, politics, world peace…

    and the jarvis “wink” is far from a kiss up! the professor and professional blogger is innovative in the field of journalism, and that can’t be said about most.

  3. George Kral said

    Very cool list. Here is my list of persons of the year.

    Nancy Pelosi
    Ned Lamont
    Dick Cheney
    Frank Rich
    Georgia Kral

  4. Dylan is a plagarist who killed Edie Sedgwick.
    Pelosi is of the manor-borne; scorn, natch.
    Rich is pomposity personified.
    Ned we approach with dread.
    Cheney, okay, comic-relief.
    Kral, find your inner fabulosity sans external influences, and let the hellish fun begin.

    My list:
    The Google Guys
    The Guy Who Will Cure Cancer, Dr. Jonah Folkman, who’s figured out how the bad cells feed and will allow us to continue SMOKING.
    Angelina, agreed, but only because her dad is in the best movie ever, “Midnight Cowboy.”
    The poor sop who staffs the consulting firm in charge of cutting staff at every known media outlet.


  5. val said

    actually, angelina jolie is not popular for no good reason. she has an amazing rack.

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