The Tribune Company fired Jeffrey Johnson, the publisher of the LA Times, after he refused to cutback his reporting staff by 100. He has been replaced by a man with obvious partisan beliefs (he used to work in the Reagan whitehouse alongside John Roberts.) Read it here.  Scroll down the page.

Also reported is an advertising deal that stinks of corporate control. Free Press, the media watchdog organization, was prevented from taking out an advertisement that rallied against the FCC loosening media ownership rules. Read about it right below the blurb on the Tribune Company. And yup, you guessed it! They’re related.


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September 22, 2006

in today’s New York Times there is another article dealing with shareholders and their stakes in media companies. This article is specifically about The Tribune Company and it’s decision to consider its sale. and who will benefit?! not us, but instead The Chandler Family, whoever they are (i can’t find a website for them). Why can’t they be like the widow in Deadline U.S.A., the movie we watched in class with Dean Shepard!? She was concerned with the product and with the public that required it.
check it here.

in today’s nytimes there is an article in the business section about the fate of time warner. it really got me thinking. without sounding ignorant here…i mean i know we live in a capitalist society and everything must have market value…but what is the goal of the media companies? these conglomerates are not interested at all in the quality of what they produce. not once in the article did it mention the editorial aspect of the company losing money and having to cut corners. instead it only discussed the ceo’s and the advantages or disadvantages of breaking the company up into smaller pieces. yes, it was in the business section and was primarily addressing related economic issues. but one would hope the discussion of the quality of the product would go hand in hand with the discussion of the company’s future.

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