Man- oh man. If there’s anything I don’t want to hear (besides Carlotta Gall being detained, beaten and intellectually stolen from, see below) it’s that Rolling Stone magazine, already the homogenized rag that it is, is now working with MTV to produce a reality show where contestants compete for a contibuting editor position at the magazine. The 1/22 issue of The New Yorker has an interesting article by Tad Friend on the subject. He details the amatuerish subjects and questions why Rolling Stone would ever hire any of them, as if Rolling Stone ever hires anyone these days. He details the poor writing of each contestant, and shows why the best writer of them all, “Russell,” will probably not make the cut. “The process of prose composition is fairly boring to watch, and shows like this prize drama and charisma- the old high school values.”

Aha! So if I can bring “drama” and “charisma” to my daily dealings, I can make it? Yet again, an example of American popular culture telling the young that it’s not tough out there- if you’ve got the ‘tude. Work for something? Never….

As one girl, Krishtine, says, “I’m trying to, like, make myself known on the scene as Rolling Stone’s hip-hop celebrity.” What scene? Does this girl care about music criticism?  Friend concludes,  “She won’t get the job, but she couldn’t care less.”